BS/MD Services

Already know you want to become a doctor?  Want to have a guaranteed spot in medical school?  Are you absurdly precocious - and you know what that means without having to look it up?

We might be able to help you.

For 10 years, Passport has helped students apply to college and medical school.  Along the way, we've helped a handful of students apply to the uber-selective BS/MD programs with tremendous success.  Our advisor - Arvin Wali - got into some of the most selective BS/MD programs in the country, including UCSD, USC, and Cal Tech. 

We are so confident that the students we work with will get into a BS/MD program that we guarantee it.*

We screen our students for BS/MD students carefully, so if you'd like to learn more about where you stand for these selective programs, schedule a free introductory meeting with us by clicking the button below.

*Our Medical School or Bust Guarantee - if you follow our advice and do not gain acceptance to at least one BS/MD program, we will work with you for the following year for free to help put you on the path to acceptance for medical school.